Some Ways to Install and Maintain Natural Stone Tiles

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There are many choices we have nowadays to build houses and buildings. However, those materials keep losing their basic strength and quality over time. One material that can resist its strength and quality is natural stone tiles as long as we know how to maintain them.

There are some common natural stones mostly used in the construction industry including granite, sandstone, travertine, limestone, and bluestone. Those natural stones are mostly used for walls, floor, outdoor paving, interior decorations. There is nothing more beautiful than natural stones for buildings.

How to Install Natural Stones Tiles

Natural stone is a good choice of building material as it resists any climate and environment. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that expensive natural stones do not mean better than others. it is just more unique and rarer. Here are some steps on how to install natural stones tiles.

  1. Choose the stone and the design

The first thing first is choosing the stone and the design you want to apply to the building. Choose the type of stones you like and the design that you think is the best for your house. You need to consider the size of the tiles and suit it with the size of the floor or wall. You may choose one type of natural stone or mix it with other types of natural stones.

  1. Set up the tile backer

After choosing the right type of natural stones and designs, you need to set up the tile backer on the wall or floor. The tile backer will prevent the tiles from humidity, extreme temperature, and moisture. The installation of a tile backer is also important to make sure the durable and long-lasting tiles.

  1. Draw the layout line for the tiles

Before installing the tiles, you need to draw the layout line first. This measurement aims to ensure how many tiles will fit on it. You also need to draw the layout line to make it easier during the installation.

  1. Set up the tiles

Once you finish drawing the layout line, you can start installing the tiles. Use mortar to attach the tiles to the tile backer. You should use light-coloured (white) mortar if you use light tiles because dark mortar can make the tiles darker.

How to Take Care of Natural Stones Tiles

When you choose natural stones tiles as the construction materials, it means that you need to be ready to take care of it seriously. You need to clean it regularly to prevent dirt or dust on the stones. You can use bleach to remove any dirt or mildew that is mostly in the moist area including the bathroom and kitchen.

If you or your kids accidentally spill something on it, make sure to clean it immediately. You cannot let any spill stay long on your natural stones tiles because it might damage the stones. Another maintenance you need to do regularly is sealing the natural stone tiles every four or five years, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas.