Some Best Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

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One essential aspect while constructing the building is the floor. There are some choices of flooring materials which are available nowadays. You may choose flooring materials by considering the ways you apply them, the aesthetic, the durability, and others.

Some flooring materials include lime concrete, ceramic, wood, cork, plastic, and natural stones. The best material you might have for your floor is natural stones which you still have lots of choices of it. Natural stones are well known for their durability, strength, beauty, and anti-abrasion.

Why You Should Maintain the Natural Stone Well

Natural stone is indeed durable but it does not mean that you do not need to maintain it well. Keeping the natural stones maintained and clean will make the best look of your floor. The maintenance will help the natural stones stay longer and prevent them from being worn out.

Cleaning and maintaining natural stone need natural cleaning products as well to not damage the stone. That is why maintaining natural stones is a little bit different as we maintain floors from other general materials.

Some Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

The best way to maintain natural stone is using green cleaning products that are friendly to natural materials such as stones. Using too many chemical cleaning products can damage the natural stones, so be careful with the cleaning products you use for maintaining your natural stone floors. Here are some tips for maintaining your natural stone floors.

  1. Clean immediately and regularly

No matter what materials you use for your floor, you need to clean the floor regularly. If you spill something on the floor, you also need to clean it immediately. Who will let dirt or stain stay on the floor for a long time? That is also what you have to do when you have natural stone floors. Clean the floor immediately and regularly.

  1. Cover the floor using non-slip mats

The durability and strength of the natural stone are unquestionable. However, it does not mean that you could not protect and cover the natural stone floors from scratch, stain, dust, or dirt. You can use non-slip mats to protect the natural stone floors.

  1. Use natural cleaning products

As mentioned before that the best way to clean building natural material is to use natural-based products as well to prevent any damage. Natural cleaners are cheap and even it is easily made if you want to make them by yourself.

Some materials you can easily find to make natural cleaner for natural stones are vinegar, rosemary or geranium essential oil, baking soda, lavender essential oil, and salt. These materials can be used to clean marble, travertine, or even onyx to remove the stain on the floor.

  1. Keep the natural stone floor dry

Another way to maintain the durability of natural stone floors is by keeping them dry. Every time you do the cleaning, make sure you dry the natural stone floors completely. You may use a soft cloth to ensure that the floor is not wet or humid.