The Quality and Advantages of Natural Stones

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Natural stone is used widely as a high-quality building material for such a long time. Many public places use this construction material to give elegant style to the building. Those buildings include restaurants, hotels, banks, malls, hospitals, exhibitions, and others.

This premier building material is mostly used for some reasons because of its durability, endurance, unique characteristics, and beauty. That is why it is a favourite material for flooring, walling, and other applications. Lots of advanced technologies have been invented but none of them can replace the beauty, the glory, and the charm of natural stones.

The Quality of Natural Stones for Flooring

Choosing natural stones for flooring, walling, or other applications can be a great choice for you as an interior designer, architecture, or even homeowner. But there are some things you should consider related to the quality of the natural stones.

Natural stones with grade D will be most likely have fissures, cracks, and filled with cement or resin. Meanwhile, natural stones with grade A have fewer veins, cracks, and fissures. Each grade has a different level of price and that is another thing you also need to consider.

Some Advantages of Natural Stones as Building Materials

It is undeniable that there are so many building materials we may choose nowadays. But natural stones stay in the first list as it has high quality and unique characteristics. Here are some advantages of having natural stones as a building material.

  1. Unique pattern

Natural stones bring unique patterns that can’t be faked or manufactured because each pattern of the stones is different. This unique pattern becomes the identity of the house owner, architecture, or interior designer who likes to create different designs from others.

  1. Durability

They are no other building materials that can beat the durability of natural stones. Buildings and monuments that are built by natural stones are very long-lasting and we can see that around us. The durability of natural stones is amazing and it can be said that natural stones are not aging as long as you know how to maintain them.

  1. Eco friendly

Natural stone tiles are mostly created from natural materials including limestone, granite, sandstone, and other stones. Using natural stones as building materials decreases the use of unfriendly materials that can damage the environment.

  1. Anti-abrasion

The strength of natural stones has been tested for a long time ago. This building material is really strong and applicable outdoor such as for paving, path, outdoor floor, and walls. It is anti-abrasion and is inevitably long-lasting.

  1. Various

You know that each natural stone has a pattern that is different from other stones. It creates various patterns and styles in each application as varied as your imagination. It is something that no one can copy or duplicate.

Furthermore, there are many types of natural stones you can use including bluestone, travertine, marble, limestone, granite, and others. You can apply one specific type of natural stone or you can also combine or mix one natural stone with other types of natural stones to make it more unique.