Some Benefits of Having Natural Stone Countertops

There are many materials you can use for kitchen countertops such as wood, metal, ceramic, laminates, and high-quality natural stones. You might have your preference on choosing the best material for your kitchen but when it comes to the quality, the answer is natural stone.

The kitchen is an essential part of the house where you cook the meal that your family eats every day. In this room, you will have your mealtime together with other members of the family. The kitchen is important for the continuity and the comfort of the family so you have to make sure that your kitchen is clean and comfortable.

Some Benefits of Having Natural Stone Countertops

As you know that natural stones are strong and unique, those are only two things about the benefits of natural stones. There are more benefits you will have for having natural stones as your countertop material. Here are some benefits of having natural stone countertops.

  1. Looks attractive

Natural stones look attractive and visually appealing. It brings an elegant and luxurious vibe when you apply it to be your countertops. Besides, natural stones come from nature and it has some slices of nature that will bring a special and different vibe to your kitchen. Moreover, each natural stone has a pattern that makes it more attractive because it is unique and different from others.

  1. Strong

The durability of natural stones is incredible. The main characteristic of this stone that leads people to choose this stone is strength. It is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant so you do not need to worry if you want to put a hot pot on it. If you accidentally scratch it, it won’t damage your countertop.

  1. Smooth

You can suit the size of the natural stone countertops in any size as they can be cut in a big slab. There will be no cracks or joints where bacteria or mildew grows. By using a natural stone countertop, your kitchen will be so smooth and perfect.

  1. Simple maintenance

Natural stones are materials that are easy to take care of. Some natural stones including quartz do not even require sealing for maintenance. It only needs to be cleaned regularly daily after you cook. Some other natural stone such as granite needs to be sealed every four or five years but is still simple maintenance to do compared to the other materials.

  1. Durable

Natural stone is one of the materials that is not aged. The durability of this material is incredible. Compared with other materials that need to be replaced in some years, the natural stone will be long-lasting. That is why natural stone is a good investment for you because it stands for years and decades.

Natural Countertops Maintenance

As mentioned before that it is simple to maintain the quality of natural stones as it is durable, strong, yet still smooth. But it is way better for you to know the best way to maintain it well. It does not take complicated ways to maintain it because you can just take care of it simply.

To keep the quality of the stone, you can use a special liquid for natural stone to clean your kitchen countertop.  The special liquid will maintain the quality of the surface of the natural stone. It also will clean the stain or dirt perfectly that stays on the surface of your countertops.

The stain, oil, or dirt are inevitable because you will cook there. One thing you can do to maintain it is by cleaning it regularly using the special liquid for natural stones. Further maintenance is sealing the natural stone countertops.

Some Important Things You Should Consider When Planning Swimming Pool

Enjoying a weekend or holiday at home, chilling with family, and spending a great time swimming in a pool at home will be so great. Dreaming about having our swimming pool in the back of our house which we can enjoy anytime is just like everyone’s dream.

You do not need to go out to find a hotel, or public swimming pool every time you want to swim. It must be amazing to have our pools which you can design by yourself. Having a swimming pool at home also brings many benefits for you and your family members.

Some Benefits of Having Swimming Pool at Home

Do you know that there are more private swimming pools than public swimming pools in the US? Many people in America prefer to have their swimming pool in the backyard rather than use the public pools. There are some reasons why they prefer a private swimming pool and those reasons show that having private pools gives some benefits for them.

  1. Best place for cooling off during the hot summer

One big benefit of having your pool in the backyard is you have your place for cooling down during the hot summer. It will be very hot during summer and by having your pool, you can cool down your body anytime you want.

  1. Great hangout place for children

Most children like to do physical activities including swimming. The private pool is a great place for kids to learn how to swim, chill on the side of the pool, or do some other fun activities. Installing a private pool can be your best choice because it is also a great place for teenagers to have a great time there.

  1. It is private and convenience

One thing you will never get by using public pools is privacy and convenience. At the public pools, you have to share all of the facilities with other visitors. But when you have your pool, it is private and convenient because it is in your place.

Aspects to Consider When Planning Swimming Pools

Having a private pool in the backyard is inevitably wonderful because you do not need to go to the public pool anymore. However, installing a swimming pool at home is more complicated than you think. There are some things you should consider when planning swimming pool installation.

  1. Why do you need a pool?

Installing a pool at home is not simple and you need a huge commitment. Starting from the planning, the cost, the maintenance, the water you use, the treatment, and others, you should think about those all from the beginning. That is why the reason why you need to install a pool must be clear and strong.

  1. The location of the pool

Another essential thing you must consider before installing a pool is the location, is it indoor, outdoor, or hybrid? The decision comes after you decide many factors such as the functions and who will use the pool because it will determine the size of the pool. A small or big pool will also determine the best location of the pool.

If you prefer to install the pool outside, you might be able to install the big one. But the size of your backyard must be your prior consideration. If you want to install it indoors, think about ventilation, the light, the pipes, and how you will maintain it later.

  1. Who will use the pool?

Considering who will use the pool is important because it may require some specific equipment. For instance; you have your parents with you in the same house, you might need convenient stairs for them in the pool. Another example, you plan to install the pool so that your kids can enjoy their time in the pool so that you need a kid-friendly design pool.

  1. Design and decoration

If you have already considered all the things mentioned before, it is time for you to think about the design and the decoration. Once you know why and who will use the pool, you might have your design to apply. You can add some finishing such as the light, the colour of the palette, and the ideal environment around the pool you always imagine.

Some Ways to Install and Maintain Natural Stone Tiles

There are many choices we have nowadays to build houses and buildings. However, those materials keep losing their basic strength and quality over time. One material that can resist its strength and quality is natural stone tiles as long as we know how to maintain them.

There are some common natural stones mostly used in the construction industry including granite, sandstone, travertine, limestone, and bluestone. Those natural stones are mostly used for walls, floor, outdoor paving, interior decorations. There is nothing more beautiful than natural stones for buildings.

How to Install Natural Stones Tiles

Natural stone is a good choice of building material as it resists any climate and environment. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that expensive natural stones do not mean better than others. it is just more unique and rarer. Here are some steps on how to install natural stones tiles.

  1. Choose the stone and the design

The first thing first is choosing the stone and the design you want to apply to the building. Choose the type of stones you like and the design that you think is the best for your house. You need to consider the size of the tiles and suit it with the size of the floor or wall. You may choose one type of natural stone or mix it with other types of natural stones.

  1. Set up the tile backer

After choosing the right type of natural stones and designs, you need to set up the tile backer on the wall or floor. The tile backer will prevent the tiles from humidity, extreme temperature, and moisture. The installation of a tile backer is also important to make sure the durable and long-lasting tiles.

  1. Draw the layout line for the tiles

Before installing the tiles, you need to draw the layout line first. This measurement aims to ensure how many tiles will fit on it. You also need to draw the layout line to make it easier during the installation.

  1. Set up the tiles

Once you finish drawing the layout line, you can start installing the tiles. Use mortar to attach the tiles to the tile backer. You should use light-coloured (white) mortar if you use light tiles because dark mortar can make the tiles darker.

How to Take Care of Natural Stones Tiles

When you choose natural stones tiles as the construction materials, it means that you need to be ready to take care of it seriously. You need to clean it regularly to prevent dirt or dust on the stones. You can use bleach to remove any dirt or mildew that is mostly in the moist area including the bathroom and kitchen.

If you or your kids accidentally spill something on it, make sure to clean it immediately. You cannot let any spill stay long on your natural stones tiles because it might damage the stones. Another maintenance you need to do regularly is sealing the natural stone tiles every four or five years, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas.

Some Best Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

One essential aspect while constructing the building is the floor. There are some choices of flooring materials which are available nowadays. You may choose flooring materials by considering the ways you apply them, the aesthetic, the durability, and others.

Some flooring materials include lime concrete, ceramic, wood, cork, plastic, and natural stones. The best material you might have for your floor is natural stones which you still have lots of choices of it. Natural stones are well known for their durability, strength, beauty, and anti-abrasion.

Why You Should Maintain the Natural Stone Well

Natural stone is indeed durable but it does not mean that you do not need to maintain it well. Keeping the natural stones maintained and clean will make the best look of your floor. The maintenance will help the natural stones stay longer and prevent them from being worn out.

Cleaning and maintaining natural stone need natural cleaning products as well to not damage the stone. That is why maintaining natural stones is a little bit different as we maintain floors from other general materials.

Some Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

The best way to maintain natural stone is using green cleaning products that are friendly to natural materials such as stones. Using too many chemical cleaning products can damage the natural stones, so be careful with the cleaning products you use for maintaining your natural stone floors. Here are some tips for maintaining your natural stone floors.

  1. Clean immediately and regularly

No matter what materials you use for your floor, you need to clean the floor regularly. If you spill something on the floor, you also need to clean it immediately. Who will let dirt or stain stay on the floor for a long time? That is also what you have to do when you have natural stone floors. Clean the floor immediately and regularly.

  1. Cover the floor using non-slip mats

The durability and strength of the natural stone are unquestionable. However, it does not mean that you could not protect and cover the natural stone floors from scratch, stain, dust, or dirt. You can use non-slip mats to protect the natural stone floors.

  1. Use natural cleaning products

As mentioned before that the best way to clean building natural material is to use natural-based products as well to prevent any damage. Natural cleaners are cheap and even it is easily made if you want to make them by yourself.

Some materials you can easily find to make natural cleaner for natural stones are vinegar, rosemary or geranium essential oil, baking soda, lavender essential oil, and salt. These materials can be used to clean marble, travertine, or even onyx to remove the stain on the floor.

  1. Keep the natural stone floor dry

Another way to maintain the durability of natural stone floors is by keeping them dry. Every time you do the cleaning, make sure you dry the natural stone floors completely. You may use a soft cloth to ensure that the floor is not wet or humid.

Some Ways to Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

Having your swimming pool in the backyard is indeed everyone’s dream. But the thing you should remember is that having your pool needs huge responsibilities. There are lots of aspects you must consider before planning to have one such as using green stone as the path materials.

You need to think about the location, the environment, the reasons why you need a pool, and the consistency to maintain it once you have it. Above all, the priority is always safety. No matter how big, how beautiful, and how advanced your pool is, the first thing you need to think carefully is about safety.

The Safety of Private Pool

Having a private pool is just a great idea for the family so that you can spend lots of time enjoying your time together with your family at the pool. A pool that looks friendly can be dangerous for kids or even for everyone if it has no proper safety.

There are many cases of drowning because the safety of the pool is not good. To prevent that such a case happens in your pool, you need to ensure and keep improving the safety of your pool.

Some Ways to Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

No one imagines their happy time in the private pool turns into horror and terrible time because of the accident that happens in the pool. Preventing that kind of case is your priority when you own or have a right to control the pools. Here are some ways you can do to improve your swimming pool safety.

  1. Keep updating the pool fence

Local authorities ask many pool owners to make sure that their pools are completely fenced to prevent any unpredictable accidents. This requirement is for anyone who owns the pool, no matter if they have or have no kids. If you have a pool, you need to ensure that you apply the newest version of the pool fence.

There are two kinds of fence pool you might choose and those are glass fence and aluminium fence. Most private pool owners choose the safety glass fence because it is aesthetic and it provides a glass-through view. An aluminium fence is cheaper and is also easy to install.

  1. Install electrical safety

Water is one of the conductors of electricity. That is why you need to keep looking for safety. Some metal structures are applied around the pool such as the ladder, the handrails, and the lights.

Provide the pool with electrical safety regulations to make sure that the pool is safe from electricity. You will never be able to imagine how much damage can be caused if the electricity safety does not work well.

  1. Install the pool cover

You might think that the cover of the pool only keeps the leaves not falling on the water in your pool. The function of the pool cover is more than that. The cover also prevents someone from falling into the water directly when they accidentally fall. This cover is really important, especially when you have kids or the elderly at home.

  1. Install natural stone paths

Not only the pool itself, but you also need to pay attention to the environment around the pool. The slippery floor around the pool can be a reason why people fall into the pool. To prevent that case, you can install natural stone such as green stone that is not slippery around the pool.

  1. Install an alarm at the swimming pool

There are some types of pool alarms you might consider applying in your pool. There is an electronic pool alarm, sun-surface alarm, and floating surface alarm that will warn you if there is something wrong in the pool. These pool alarms are very beneficial for a family who have kids, the elderly, handicapped, and also pets.

  1. Keep improving the maintenance

It will be useless if you as a pool owner already applied all those safeties, but you do not maintain it regularly. Maintenance is really important to check if there is something wrong with the pool. You need to check the condition of the alarm, the fence, the cover, the electrical sources around the pool, and also the Sukabumi stone that you use as the path around the pool. Make sure that all of those things are well maintained. They also active on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Quality and Advantages of Natural Stones

Natural stone is used widely as a high-quality building material for such a long time. Many public places use this construction material to give elegant style to the building. Those buildings include restaurants, hotels, banks, malls, hospitals, exhibitions, and others.

This premier building material is mostly used for some reasons because of its durability, endurance, unique characteristics, and beauty. That is why it is a favourite material for flooring, walling, and other applications. Lots of advanced technologies have been invented but none of them can replace the beauty, the glory, and the charm of natural stones.

The Quality of Natural Stones for Flooring

Choosing natural stones for flooring, walling, or other applications can be a great choice for you as an interior designer, architecture, or even homeowner. But there are some things you should consider related to the quality of the natural stones.

Natural stones with grade D will be most likely have fissures, cracks, and filled with cement or resin. Meanwhile, natural stones with grade A have fewer veins, cracks, and fissures. Each grade has a different level of price and that is another thing you also need to consider.

Some Advantages of Natural Stones as Building Materials

It is undeniable that there are so many building materials we may choose nowadays. But natural stones stay in the first list as it has high quality and unique characteristics. Here are some advantages of having natural stones as a building material.

  1. Unique pattern

Natural stones bring unique patterns that can’t be faked or manufactured because each pattern of the stones is different. This unique pattern becomes the identity of the house owner, architecture, or interior designer who likes to create different designs from others.

  1. Durability

They are no other building materials that can beat the durability of natural stones. Buildings and monuments that are built by natural stones are very long-lasting and we can see that around us. The durability of natural stones is amazing and it can be said that natural stones are not aging as long as you know how to maintain them.

  1. Eco friendly

Natural stone tiles are mostly created from natural materials including limestone, granite, sandstone, and other stones. Using natural stones as building materials decreases the use of unfriendly materials that can damage the environment.

  1. Anti-abrasion

The strength of natural stones has been tested for a long time ago. This building material is really strong and applicable outdoor such as for paving, path, outdoor floor, and walls. It is anti-abrasion and is inevitably long-lasting.

  1. Various

You know that each natural stone has a pattern that is different from other stones. It creates various patterns and styles in each application as varied as your imagination. It is something that no one can copy or duplicate.

Furthermore, there are many types of natural stones you can use including bluestone, travertine, marble, limestone, granite, and others. You can apply one specific type of natural stone or you can also combine or mix one natural stone with other types of natural stones to make it more unique.